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100% organic plant-based protein formulated with fermented digestive enzymes to enhance absorption and decrease bloating along with herb extracts to increase energy and focus without jittery stimulants.

Used for:

  • Post workout recovery

  • A foundation for blended meal replacement shakes

  • A healthy high protein cooking staple




Organic rice protein powder, Organic pea protein powder, FFe6™ Enzyme Blend*EnXtra(tm) (Alpinia Galanga Extract)*Organic Guar Gum, Organic Vanilla Sensapure, Organic MCT (Coconut Based) Powder, Organic Stevia Reb A, Organic Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit), Organic Cinnamon Ceylon, Organic Sugar Cane 


  • Lean Freak is specifically designed to aid in workout recovery, supplement quality protein when needed, and ensure you feel as good as you look.

  • Lean Freak should be taken post workout to replenish amino acids using high quality ingredients ensuring high absorption.

  • Lean Freak be blended with other whole foods, fruits, and veggies to create a superior meal replacement shake when you need something quick, nutritious, and good tasting.

  • It's delicious when used in baking, cooking, or as a night time snack.

  • ... oh and did we mention the flavor is Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl?!


  • The organic plant based ingredients are used to ensure that the high quality amino acids aid in muscle recovery and supplement in between meals. 

  • We chose fermented digestive enzymes to increase the absorption of your protein, decrease bloating and digestive stress, and enhance your immunity due to its gut health promoting properties.

  • Lastly, we added herb extracts that are proven to increase alertness, focus, and energy without using stimulants. Last time we checked, life doesn’t slow down after your protein shake, right?!


  • The majority of conventional “whey” proteins are formulated using the cheapest quality milk to increase profit margins. YUCK! This can lead to chronic inflammation and discomfort in your gut… you know, the constant bloating and gassy feeling in your stomach... We’ve all been there, unfortunately.

  • Plant-based proteins that are non-organic risk the exposure of pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, and heavy metals. 

  • It is not about the amount of protein you consume, it’s about the amount of protein you digest! This is why it's important to include a digestive aid in your routine so that you are consuming the maximum amount of protein possible… otherwise it’s just a waste of your money.

  • It’s rare to see a protein of this quality and design hit the mainstream market at this price but the intention is not about profit margins…its about people.

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